Insurance and Policies

Recognised as a preferred provider of scaffolding for industrial, commercial and residential construction, civil engineering projects in Sydney.

Titan Scaffolding PTY LTD

Titan Scaffolding is the scaffolding specialist. The core business of Titan Scaffolding is the sale and hire of scaffolding systems and all of the associated services.


Titan Scaffolding's management has adopted a policy which provides goods and services which meet customer requirements at a time and place agreed by the customer.

The policy requires a Quality System that includes processes for the continual improvement of the system, and is based on Titan Scaffolding's principles of quality.

The Management Titan Scaffolding is committed to total quality management and maintaining to the Australian standards, appropriate to the operation roll of the company. This quality policy is achieved by:

The provision of clearly defined and approved procedures which cover every aspect of the company’s operations.

The provision of work instructions developed and proven for specific operations

A corrective action system to detect and react to any non-conformance and to be used as a tool for continual improvement of the system.

A training system which ensures that personnel are aware that each contributes to the achievement of the quality objectives.

Titan scaffolding, is protected by comprehensive insurance policies providing coverage.

Public and Products Liability

Legal Liability for Third Party Bodily Injury/Disease and/or Property Damage arising out of an occurrence in the course of the business.

Workers’ Compensation

Titan scaffolding has Workers’ Compensation insurance covering liabilities arising under statute, common law or civil law in relation to the death of, or injury to an employee of the insured.

The effectiveness and success of the Titan Scaffolding are dependent upon the people working in its company. Ensuring health and safety or workers is a priority. Titan Scaffolding is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees, contractors, visitors and the public throughout the business by maintaining and operating a safety management system that complies with relevant health and safety legislations.

Titan Scaffolding is committed to the continuous improvement of its health and safety policies, procedures and practices.

•   Managers and supervisors will be responsible for the health and safety of people under their control.

•   All workers will take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and that of others.

•   Information, instruction, training and supervision will be provided to workers to ensure conformance to the Titan Scaffolding and statutory standards.

•   All statutory standards will be met.

•   All accidents and injuries will be recorded and reported.

•   An accident investigation system will be applied to identify causal factors and establish preventative and corrective action.

•   Inspection programs will be established for work sites. All deficiencies will be reported and corrected.

•   Protective clothing and equipment will be provided and maintained for use in accordance with good practice and regulatory standards.

•   The company will comply with legislative requirements for the design, control and supply for Titan Scaffolding plant and equipment.

•   Safety communication will exist throughout the company and with the main contractor where applicable.

•   Health and safety committees will be part of Titan Scaffolding's consultation process and resources be applied to implement this policy.

Daniel Campbell

February 2017
Managing Director