Recognised as a preferred provider of scaffolding for industrial, commercial and residential construction, civil engineering projects in Sydney.


The commercial sector has been the most significant part of our business for Titan Scaffolding. Our commercial sector includes the following types of structures:

Commercial Offices

Industrial Buildings

Bulky Goods Stores

Hospitals and Health Buildings

Many of these structures are quite complicated and require detailed engineered solutions. Our in-house engineering team has the expertise, tools and talent to design these complex solutions. We like to work as part of the client’s project team to develop the best project outcome for everyone.


In Sydney, no residential project is too large or too small. We supply and erect fully engineered scaffolds for all projects from single level houses up to hi-rise residential towers. Our service culture has ensured that we have maintained many long term client relationships over many years.

Heritage Restoration

TITAN SCAFFOLDING specialises in complex restoration projects and has provided scaffolding and encapsulation services on some of Australia’s most prestigious buildings. These building and structures can be quite difficult when designing, planning and engineering scaffold services; as some of these structures are uncharted territory with no plans or technical drawings provided. These structures can be over 100 years old and still counting.

These projects have encompassed work in the government, commercial, residential and religious sectors often in central business districts, or busy public spaces, requiring operational and safety expertise to work under such challenging circumstances.

The conservation and restoration of a religious facility take a great deal of commitment and communication amongst all parties. Titan Scaffolding Group has formed a close relationship with many congregations, to help the understanding and sensitivity that is required to work in such environments. Titan scaffolding has vast experience with this sector and has been trusted by many congregations to conserve their places of worship. Clientele includes St Benedict's, Moran House and St Mary's Cathedral.

Oil, Gas and Mining

Titan Scaffolding has experience in working on some of Australia’s largest refineries and can supply large resources of qualified scaffold labour and equipment at short notice. We work with site-specific procedures and the unique requirements of often hazardous environments.

Our business focuses on quality, which is a critical factor in maintaining the effortless operation of our customers’ projects. Our teams work continually to mitigate risks in these hazardous conditions to ensure our customers and our employees remain safe at all times.

Titan Scaffolding can provide specialised service and expertise to assist with any facet of scaffolding, from planning and design up to risk assessments, erection and dismantlement.

Titan Scaffolding offers a complete range of scaffold management and specialised scaffolding services including:


Planning and scheduling

Scaffolding Supervision

Scaffolding Labour Hire

Specialised Site Services


Titan Scaffolding has extensive experience and substantial growth in the industrial sector, through the implementation of well managed and specialised temporary access solutions. We have the capacity to provide for any industrial projects of all sizes, with extensive experience servicing the following industries:

Titan Scaffolding constantly seeks new products and methods to increase safety and productivity in the provision of our services. Using our experience and with a focus on best practice, we’re committed to providing the very best industrial scaffolding, and encapsulation services money has to offer.


The Titan Scaffolding's commitment to quality and innovation, along with an uncompromising focus on safety and efficiency, is seeing us become the preferred scaffolding supplier for a range of civil engineering firms.

Titan Scaffolding constantly seeks new products and methods to increase safety and productivity in the provision of our services. Using experience from our network, with a focus on best practice, we’re committed to providing the very best scaffolding, and encapsulation services.


Titan Scaffolding is becoming a preferred provider of scaffolding solutions to the demolition sector and has the expertise to ensure the access provision for all demolition projects are a success in all facets. No matter how large or small your project is, Titan Scaffolding has the equipment, capability and capacity to supply your scaffolding requirements on your budget and on time.

Titan Scaffolding has been responsible for the supply of materials and labour services for erection and dismantling of class A & B hoardings, scaffold platforms and structures on needles which are key requirements for demolition projects.