Recognised as a preferred provider of scaffolding for industrial, commercial and residential construction, civil engineering projects in Sydney.


Titan scaffolding has experience providing to the construction, industrial and resource sectors with on-site teams for Scaffolding Labour, Scaffolding Materials and Management. We deliver Temporary Access solutions in a well-managed and planned manner. Titan scaffolding works in conjunction with the customers and other trade teams.

Titan scaffolding plays a vital part in the planning of site Scaffolding works, design and estimation with safe execution, and allowing other trade teams to undertake their works in a timely manner.

With an abundance of skilled scaffolders that are employed directly by Titan scaffolding, we provide access to a large scaffold labour resource who have a strong understanding of operations, safety systems and expectations for service delivery.

Titan scaffolding ensures all employees are provided with Uniforms, mandatory PPE and Equipment, to ensure that the service is delivered safely and efficiently.

Titan scaffolding will work together with sites to understand and work collectively with the client plan so that our access solution will be delivered safely and cost-effectively.

Engineering and Design

Titan Scaffolding can provide safe and practical scaffold design, high-quality equipment and technical support for large projects. We use CAD software to design scaffold structures that always meet and may exceed regulatory standards.

Titan Scaffolding provides an industry with a range of additional services which complement the supply of scaffolding materials. Titan scaffolding can provide a workforce for scaffold installation services and a full scaffold engineering and design services.

Our system provides a protective covering for any shaped object, for long or short term storage, blasting, and painting areas of the workshop area. Titan Scaffolding delivers the highest level of encapsulation workmanship and service.

Specialised Site Services